Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Liberty loves to wear pretty clothes. Last week, her Grammy Karen send her this new dress and monkey. She loves the dress and hangs the monkey around her neck all the time. We love her in this green color. Doesn't she look pretty?

On Saturday, our dear friends, The Durrans ( Adopted grandparents), came out to meet Liberty for the first time. Hannah and Tiffany made brunch for us all. We always love our visits with them. They are so precious to us!

We ordered pizza on Monday night. It was Liberty's first time tasting it. She absolutely LOVED it! We're finding anything sweet, or made of bread, she loves!

Every Wed. for the month of July, one of Hannah's friends, Reilly, hosted a tea. Every week was a different theme. Hannah missed the first two because she was sick, but she has LOVED going to the last few. After tea time the girls played fun games. Here they are during one of their games... Below is a close up of Hannah and Reilly. :0)

Look very closely at this picture. Lincoln has his "arms" around Reagan. Hannah made me take this picture. We love our dogs!!

My friend, Carri, had her mom in town this week. Barbara ( Carri's mom), followed our blog while we were in China, and wanted to come down to meet Liberty. Needless to say, Liberty loved her!! Can you tell from these pictures?? It was a sweet time. :0)

The girls had their friends Hailee Whiddon, and Sydney Shabro over to swim. I like this picture...
Below is Hailee with Liberty. They had fun getting to know each other.
On Sunday, we went to the lake with the Howie Family. It was their first time meeting Liberty. It was SO fun! Their kids, Jacob and Payton, are really fun to hang out with. They have a lot of "spunk" just like their mom, Jill! HA!

This picture of Liberty ( Above), really cracks me up!! Chad changed her diaper and she came downstairs looking at me like this. Look at the size of the ya think it's too big?? Obviously Liberty does! HA!
We went to Harveston Park to take a walk. Hannah wanted to ride on Chad's shoulders. We didn't realize how big she's grown until we saw this photo. It makes us sad...she's growing up SO fast.
The rest of these photos are taken on our stroll... By the way...

Look closely at Chad. He's such a proud daddy! Liberty has been very slow in warming up to him since we arrived home. On Tuesday, Chad was on his way out the door to run some errands. Out of the blue, Liberty went up to him, grabbed his hand , and "told" him she wanted to go with him. He was SO shocked ( As were all of us), but so excited too!! He VERY quickly ( Before she could change her mind), put her in the car and took off. He kept calling me to tell me how happy he was. It was SO precious! He even asked if I needed any errands run so he could keep her out. We don't know what made her "click." But, I pray she'll be a Daddy's Girl one day. Chad is such an amazing dad!!

Another hair style from sister Hannah.

Our friends, the Limon's, came over to play. Liberty LOVES their family!! When we first arrived home from China, Kellie and the kids took care of them A LOT. We love their family! :0)
The picture above is one of my favorites. Every night we read together as a family. These last 2 weeks we've been reading about Hudson Taylor. He was a missionary to China over 100 years ago. Obviously, we love reading anything about China! Sometimes, the kids just sit and listen and sometimes they color. Liberty does an amazing job at being respectful and not being a distraction while we read. She seems to be very discerning. She amazes us!! Can you believe she's only 3? What a little blessing she is!

Last week, a girl from our church hosted a " Girl Camp." Her name is Shelby Reep. She loves kids and organizing kid functions. She's done this for the last 2 summers. They do crafts, make up cheers and dances, do Bible study, and they have a theme each day. ( Tea Party, Water Day, etc...). My girls lOVE to go and they LOVE Shelby! ( She's the blondie in the back). Liberty didn't get to go, but Hannah wanted her in the picture.

One day, I thought my hubby was working in the back yard. I looked out, and WHO was doing my yard work but Elton John!! I LOVE this photo! Chad lost his glasses awhile back, and he found my very OLD ones to put on. HA!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meeting new family and friends

This last week has been a time of fun and new friends for Liberty. On July 4th, six of her cousins came out and went to the lake with Chad and the girls. Liberty went on the ski-tube again, which just amazes us. She really is a brave little girl! As long as she's with her "Je-Je's" (older sisters), she's happy and content. In the evening, we went to Chad's brother's house for dinner and fireworks. It was so fun and relaxing.

On July 5th we got up early and went blue berry picking. It was super hot but so fun! The girls picked their hearts out and we reaped the rewards with a yummy berry cobbler later that evening!

After picking we went to the farmer's market with Chad's parents, then spent the rest of the day cooking on the bar-b-que and swimming. It was nice to have them out for a few days. Liberty had fun with them too!

Today, July 6th, was our first day back at church since returning from China. It was really special. Liberty is already so loved, and we are so blessed to be a part of such real and loving believers. She did great in Sunday school but we're sure it's because Hannah and Tiffany stayed with her. :0) Tonight we went to the Smith family's house for dinner. The Smith's are very dear to us because they adopted their daughter Emma from China 2 years ago. God used their family to "plant the seed of adoption" in our hearts. From the time we received Liberty's information and picture from the adoption agency this past January, they have been praying for her too. Emma started calling Liberty her sister before we even went to get her! They played together all afternoon and Emma was so sweet and patient...especially with Liberty not speaking English! I know they will grow to be close friends.

Today was also a special day because 2 years ago on this very day, Liberty was found abandoned in Shan Hu Park. I cry for her birth mother when I think of what she went through on this day ( just writing this makes me cry), but I'm so happy that Liberty has found her "Forever family", and she'll have a chance to get the care she needs. We have truly fallen in love with her!

Lastly, just to explain a few pictures...Liberty is potty training so if you see photos of her with something on her forehead, it's a sticker she received for going potty. For some reason, she likes to stick them right in the middle of her forehead! The only reason I'm even mentioning this is because a few of you have asked.

Also, Hannah and Tiffany love to dress her and do her hair. This last picture is of the "latest style" that they came up with. They wanted me to post it so here ya go...