Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cookin' With the Kids

Our friend, Steve Taylor, owns Bring Em Home Dinners. We go there every month for a "Family Night." As a family we make freezer meals. It's a HUGE help to a busy home school mom like me! This was Liberty's second time going and she really likes it! They have a little kids kitchen area there but she prefers to stay with us and put the meals together. It's always a fun family night!

New Friends

On Thursday night we were invited to dinner by the Fischer Family. This was our first time spending time with them and we had a BLAST! They are such a warm and hospitable family. Their house is absolutely beautiful and their company even better! Their 2 daughters Lauren and Taylor were such great hostesses to my girls. They have 7 horses, one named Liberty! So the pictures above are of Liberty meeting Liberty. :0) They also have a few bunnies, and a huge pond on their property. Cyndi and I went out on a raft to talk and look at the huge frogs. ( I LOVE big frogs!!) The girls went into the raft too. We hope to spend more time with the wonderful Fischer Family in the future!

Chivalry and Tea

Last year in history we learned about nights and chivalry. As a reminder course before school starts back, three of our boys from Co-Op ( Jesse Roman, Matthew Roman, and Slade Whiddon), had some of the girls over so they could serve them brunch and tea. It was so fun! The boys enjoyed doing it and the girls loved being served. It was funny because right after eating, the boys ran upstairs, changed their clothes, and started fighting with swords in the front yard! They could only take "so much" serving...which I personally think is a good thing! :0)

Brianna Fun

Last Monday through Wed. we went back to our old stompin' grounds to visit our friends, the Ricci's. We love their family and their daughter, Brianna, is a gem! Here the girls are doing facials ( Well, kind of), and we also sewed bags ( Thanks, maria), went to the beach AND went to the American Girl Place. It was super fun, and we even got to bring Brianna back home with us for the rest of the week.

Potty Trainin'

We're working with Liberty to try to potty train. She is doing AMAZINGLY well, considering her birth defect. Last week our friend Mario Limon came over to put in a whole house fan. While he was working, his son, Sammy, took the box and made Liberty a play house. A few days later Hannah and Tiff drug it outside and put Lib's port-a-potty into it. She LOVES it and now it's all she'll use! HA! Notice the toilet paper roll on top! HA!

Playing Dentist

I walked into Tiff and Lib's room today and they were playing dentist. Tiffany can act out anything she sees to a "T." After watching her "work" on Liberty, I really can see her being a dentist someday!! She and Liberty are A LOT alike. They are both very snuggly and sensitive and they can be very silly. They both love to make people laugh.
They make me laugh all day long. I'm such a blessed momma!!

Day at the Lake

Special Friends

Our dear friends, The Kums, came for a day of swimming and dinner. Their daughter Rene and Tiffany are very close. After dinner we offered somores for dessert. Can you believe they've NEVER had them before??? We had fun cookin' 'em outside. It was a special evening!