Monday, November 30, 2009

Indian Camp with our co-op

This fall we studied Californian Indians. We found an amazing Indian Camp in Jamal and stayed there over night for a ROCKIN" fieldtrip. It was honestly one of the best fieldtrips we have ever taken! The kids were put into tribes and we all slept in teepees.  It was a great opportunity to learn firsthand about this amazing state of ours.

Here's the WHOLE GANG!!!!
OH...and I MUST mention that NONE of these photos are ours. Eddie Roman took them, thankfully because we lost all our pictures of the trip. (His pictures are better anyway!)

Chad helping Tiffany get ready for some tag.

My sweet babes.

Does Tiffany look happy, or what?? This place was such a BLAST!!!

My happy "Hunk-a-Man."

LOVE this picture! This place had the BEST playground we have EVER seen!!!

Love her!

"Pounding out" rope...literally! Doesn't Hannah look like she from Little House on the Prairie?"

Listening to directions.

Digging for artifacts.

Dirty, sleepy, happy family. Liberty stayed with the Limon Family because she was too young to attend. We knew she was having a blast with them but we certainly missed her!!

Shootin' of Daddy's favorite things.

One of my favorite father/daughter pictures.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tea Time

For our monthly Literature Tea, we met at Kimberlees and talked about "Charlotte's Web." It's always a fun time for the girls and the moms.

Hailee's trying out her Miss Piggy Halloween wig. :0)



More Baking

This week, Tiffany baked her own Banana Bread. She loves baking and Liberty loves helping her.





Happy Harvest

For Halloween this year we went to the Whitakers for a Harverst Party. Kathy outdid herself making the evening fun for the kids and relaxing for the parents. She had tons of super fun games for kids of all ages, and she cooked up a storm. We plan on making this a yearly tradition.

All the girlies.

The Happy Pirate playing the 'fishing game."

Carri and her buddy Liberty.

Eatin' chili

Hannah, Sarah, and Katie~ the three football players. These three dress the same every week for co-op.

All the mommas. I love these ladies.

The dads~feeling cheesy that I'm making them pose for a picture.

Collette, me and Carri (and Christopher too!)

I LOVE my girls...but I should be paying attention to Christopher! Looks like he wants his bottle!!

Liberty was...well...a Chinese Girl.  Aren't we creative!


Playing Games.

Sweet Sarah and Hannah.

Tiffany and Audra.