Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The hotel del

 In front of the christmas tree.

 In front of the fire place.

This is the  del with light.

 My dad boss pad for a diner so we decided to go some were nice and this is lib there.

 This isn hannah at the restaurant.
 This is all of us at are table.

 This is liberty eating a chicken leg.

 i love this photo.

I love my dad

I love these last photos.

Christmas 2010


Liberty got lanie the american girl doll.

 Hannah got slippers for christmas.

 Here favorite gifte a guitar.

Liberty got a snuggie for christmas and a barbie.

Me hannah and liberty played a prank on my dad and my uncle .

This is my dads car.

 Hannah and her snuggie.

Liberty and lanie.

funny photos

 my mom got a moc for and we are taking funny photos. isn,t liberty cute.


this are quick photos we did not know they were being taken.

we were bored here.


Monday, November 22, 2010


Go Tiffany.

So cute.

Go Hannah.

Go Liberty.

She is so cute.

Liberty & Sulivan

So cute.

At the dinner table.


Friends  forever.

Love this pictures.

Dress up.

Here are some cute pictures of Liberty and Sulivan we found. It really shows how cute girls can be at there age!



Playing it.

Liberty and Lauren and Mr. elephant.

Goofing off.

Liberty and her new teacher, Lauren.


These photos are so pretty.

Heres my dad looking at the view.

Here is my dad goofing off.I thing he got a little to much salt water.

This is my favorite picture.It is so beautiful.