Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun With Friends


Over the Summer we spent a lot of time with friends, here are some pics. from our  fab Summer!!!!:0)

  My mom LOVES sunflowers! I took this at her friends house. Isn't it beautiful?

                                                         Tiffany and Audra blueberry pickin'.

Tiffany, Liberty and Savanna.


Reagan's "graduation." Of course Savanna was with us! :0)

Amber Holzer had 7 puppies. We arrived just in time to see the 7th one come into this world. It was sweet !!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jesse and Rachel's Wedding

My sweet Dad dancing with his new daughter!!!

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Wood.

My Mom and Dad fell in love with Rachel's Grandparents.

My big brother waiting for his Rachel. :0)

Isn't she beautiful?

Libby's cute yet silly little feet!!!

                                     Have you ever seen Liberty's feet? Well if not, here they are!!!

Jesse and Rachel's Engagment Party (by Hannah)

Me, Tiffany and our wacky cousins at the Engagement party!! :0)


Cady, Jesse, Nick, Whitney, me and Tiffany

Cassidy, Grammy Karen, Grammy Sue and Haley


Pop~Pop, Uncle Brian, Jesse, Daddy and Uncle Eric

Jesse and Rachel eating cake ( check out my Dad ~ he looks soooooo proud) :0) 

The happy couple!! :0)


Jesse's Graduation

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Tea Time

In 5th grade, Hannah belonged to a group called the 3-G's Club (Gods Giggling Girls). They met once a month and played Bunko together. Every month they had a theme. In May, the theme was "Tea" and they all dressed up and learned the art of taking tea before they played Bunko.

First day of school 2009

These are taken on the first day of school this year. We were running late so I didn't get a chance to get good "official" first day pictures ~ but these will do.

Collette Holzer made the first day back to co-op very special. She and her girls put together a beautiful breakfast for everyone. The day started very late because we were all enjoying being back together and getting caught up. We are very blessed to have a co-op of amazing families. The kids are like siblings and the moms are all so close.

Campin' with Cousins

Chad's brother, Eric, likes to come down with his girls and they all go camping. Eric has an old camper and we have the boat, so it makes for a fun time!!!



Night Walkin'

We love to take "Night Walks." We'll lay the girls down so they think it's time to sleep, and then a few minutes later, we'll ring the VERY loud dinner bell and surprise them with a night walk. They always come RUNNING down the stairs and have such excitement in their eyes! I need to get it on video one of these days.

The dogs usually join us, but most of the time they walk!!!

Halloween 2008

Last year the kids dressed up for Halloween at co-op. Can't say we got a lot done, but it was a fun day!

Leaving the house to get some CANDY!!

"Dopey" and a "Purple People Eater."

Tub Time

These pictures were taken over the last few months. I love them all...



Great ad for "HEAD and SHOULDERS" shampoo.

I love this picture! Tiffany does such a great job taking care of her sister. She looks like a little mamma here.

Tiffany's 9th Birthday

Tiffany had quite an amazing birthday this year. We went to the South Bay to visit old friends and see Taylor Swift  in concert. After returning home she asked her dad for a Bearded Dragon and he consented! She was a happy girl!

The Ricci's made Tiffany a cake and surprised her with a little party. They always make us feel so special!

Tiffany and "Lola."

Laguna Love

For my 40th Birthday, our sweet friends, the Howie's, let us stay at their beautiful Laguna beach house. It was an amazingly relaxing time. We love the Howie family and are so thankful for their friendship!

Liberty loves boogie boarding!

Look at the view behind Tiffany...beautiful...and so is Tiffany!

When we first arrived back from China, Liberty couldn't stand to walk on the sand, or even feel it on her feet. Look at her now! I'd say she adjusted pretty quickly!