Monday, March 15, 2010

Pioneer Woman and Company

My girlfriend, Carri, gave me the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. It is absolutely fabulous, and absolutely fattening!! The last Monday in February, I made her Cinnamon Rolls for our formal breakfast. We also had the Parson Boys with us for a few days so they were able to taste them too. Let's just say everyone wants them again...and SOON!

              The is only HALF the batch!! I froze the other half for later.

                                      Blake and Nathaniel Parsons. (Blake ate 3!!!)


A few times a year our lemon tree goes crazy. A few weeks ago we counted at least 300 lemons on it so we decided to go pickin'. It was fun for the girls, and our friends and neighbors reaped the rewards too.

                                      I had to get a picture~ Her tushy is too cute!!

                                             The first bunch.


Crazy Girls

I found these pictures on my camera. Tiffany took most of them. Don't worry, my children ARE normal (well...most of the time).


                                                     OH MY!!!!!

                                    This just isn't right!!!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was extra special this year since Chad had just found out that he had landed his dream job. He was so excited (and relieved), and we were so excited.

                                           Chad surprised each of the girls with a new outfit from their favorite store, Justice. The girls LOVED the outfits he surprised  them with.                                                      

This really showed up in Tiffany's tea on Valentine's morning (she added cinnamon).

Hannah and Liberty checkin' out the flowers their daddy surprised mommy with.  Chad brings me home fresh flowers at least a few times a month and he knows exactly what I love. I know I am blessed.

                                                 Here's his sweet card for me.

                                We had our traditional Valentine's dinner with our sweet friends, The Fischers.

                                  Our traditional Valentine's meal~ Pink spagetti.

                                The girls and I made a fun little cake. And here's the fun part...


                                  Here's the girles posing with their HUGE Valentine from their Hippy YaYa, and Nick.

More February... Cooking, Parties and Johnathan Park


Hannah and Tiffany have jumped on the bandwagon with making breakfasts. Here is one of Tiffany's mornings~ She made oatmeal and "smiley faces" using apples, peanut butter, and small marshmallows.


                                                              VALENTINE GOODIES

On February 12th, Patti Marine and her daughter, Jessica had a Valentines Day Party. We baked and decorated 10 dozen cookies for a homeless shelter in our area. The girls had a BLAST!

                                          Liberty made a special box to bring home to her daddy.

                                    Workin' hard.

                                      Hannah and Jessica, our host.

                                                  JOHNATHAN PARK

A few Sundays ago we met a new family at church. We all hit it off instantly and we invited them over for dinner. The Hansen's have one daughter, Amy, who is Hannah's age.  We found out over dinner that Amy and her mom work with Johnathan Park. Johnathan Park is one of our all time favorite homeschooling tools!! They are stories on CD that support creation and debunk evolution. They are fun to listen to and we have learned so much from them!!  Well, the Hansen's invited us to join them at the 10 year anniversary dinner for Johnathan Park. It was such a fun evening! It was interesting to put the voices with the faces of those whom we've heard on the CD's. I didn't get a ton of pictures (didn't want to look too much like a "groupie"), but here are a few...

                                  Checking out the amazing touch tank before the festivities. They had friendliest sting rays you have ever seen. They kept coming up and splashing the girls. They WANTED us to pet them!!


                                    Amy, Johnathan Park :0), Hannah and Tiffany. Liberty stayed with some friends because we knew it would be a late night.


February 2010/ Disney!!!

February was a SUPER busy month for us. So much so that I didn't have time to blog. Here is our month in a nutshell...


Hannah and Tiffany danced at Disney on  Tuesday, February 2nd.  They did an amazing  job but unfortunately, I was trying to work the regular camera AND the video camera (which didn't work), so I didn't get very good pictures. Here's the best I could do...

Tiffany, Hannah, and Hailee after the show.

While the girls were backstage getting ready to perform, Liberty and I visited the Princesses and other characters.

The day after Disney, Liberty had an appointment with a urologist at CHOC (which is 10 minutes from Disney), so we stayed at a hotel. The girls LOVE staying at hotels because it's the only time they get to jump on the bed and order room service. This is heaven to them! :0)

Tiffany has the most spunk in our family and we get a kick out of watching her! She jumped back and forth for hours!!

Leaving the hotel the next morning...

                                                 SURPRISING NEWS

The appointment at the urologist was a first for Liberty. She has many specialists but this was her first time seeing a urologist. We received some shocking news while we were there. It appears that her bladder is HUGE (the size of a large grown man) and it's not centered like it's supposed to be. For a few days after the appointment we had to measure her urine to make sure she was going enough. Hannah immediately took charge and said she wanted to be the one to record our findings. Hannah is such an AMAZING sister to Liberty. She will sit with her in the bathroom for hours and she never grows impatient or gets grossed out. Honestly, she is an AMAZING help to Liberty and myself and I am SO thankful for her!! It warms my heart to see the sweet sacrificial love she has for her sister. She absolutely ADORES her! Liberty is very into "imaginary" play these days so here she is measuring her babydolls urine. By the way...the doll really pees so it was funny to witness...

Doctor Liberty posing with her patient.

                                   Patient "Hannah."