Monday, March 15, 2010

Pioneer Woman and Company

My girlfriend, Carri, gave me the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. It is absolutely fabulous, and absolutely fattening!! The last Monday in February, I made her Cinnamon Rolls for our formal breakfast. We also had the Parson Boys with us for a few days so they were able to taste them too. Let's just say everyone wants them again...and SOON!

              The is only HALF the batch!! I froze the other half for later.

                                      Blake and Nathaniel Parsons. (Blake ate 3!!!)


Kevin and Pam said...

Oh Yea!!! I warn ya, the cookbook will add some weight to your bodies!

Blessed Mommy said...


The Limon's said...

That looks soooooooooooooo good. Can you bring me some tomarrow.(jk)

Love: Hannah Mone

The Limon's said...

Happpy birthday Mrs. Wood. hope you are having a blessed day.

Love: Hannah Grace Limon