Saturday, November 20, 2010

Field Trips

The Rain Forrest Cafe at Disneyland

 I love this picture of Hannah

 I loved going on this field trip with the Holzers.

 This was the best play ever and afterwards we got to ride the horses.

 Going to the Hoover Dam.

 This is a sculpture of a man building the Hoover dam.

Windy day at the Hoover Dam...pretty funny!

A r eplica of a typical California Indian hut that was used by families that moved to and stayed at the mission  
The grave site of Father Junipero Serra martyred for his faith by native Indians
The bell towers at the San Diego Mission


Kevin and Pam said...

Yay! You are posting again! Love your new picture! Miss you guys. :) I have a new blog. It is

allie :^) said...

love the pic of the 3 girls in front of a hillside of flowers. WOW! :) and ditto what pam said. ;)

Chad/Kristy said...

this is tiffany posting.