Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last night was the last performance of  "The Truth About the Nutcracker." The girls had SO much fun!!!

The girls and their grandparents.

Hannah Limon with Liberty, Tiffany, Hannah, and Taylor Fischer.

Our Little Angels.

                                                            "Here I Am to Worship..."

Out to dinner with the Limon's between performances.

More sweet angels... Hannah Limon and the girls.

Sarah Whitaker and the girls. They girls were in 3 dances, but the Candy Cane Dance was their favorite by FAR!

Hailee Whiddon, Tiff and Elly Whitaker

LOVE these precious girlies!





Dancin' Granny. :0)

The Gang.

Gettin' Nutty after the show.

A Day at the Park

     A few weeks ago our church had an evangelism "carnival." I missed it but Chad took the girls and got these great pictures.

Hannah and Jesse

Tiff, Hannah, Katie and Audra

My brave girl.

                                                                           LOVE her smile!

Tiffany took all these pictures of the animals...





We spend every Thanksgiving in the valley with Chad's folks. This year was no exception and we had a BLAST.

Eatin' the turkey leg...and LOVIN' it!

Family game of pool.

After a long day...

Liberty enjoying her favorite Uncle Eric.

The next day. On the way to ride horses.

Tiffany had a blast!

Liberty and her sweet cousin, Hailey.

Liberty was a little nervous at first and didn't want to ride but that soon changed!

I told Chad to put her on anyway and she loved it!

Can you tell?

Yesterday at dinner we asked the kids what they would do if they could do anything they wanted for a day, Liberty said she would ride horses! Hannah said she would spend the day at Disney Land, and Tiffany said she would spend the day in Heaven and be with Jesus.

Heading back home.

Christmas Dinner

Chad and his dad went duck hunting at Lake Henshaw last week. They didn't kill any ducks but they did get a goose! Chad is really enjoying learning to hunt and he says he seems to like duck hunting the best~ it keeps him on the lake!

Chad and his dad looking proud.

Our nutty girl acting like she's killing the goose herself.

Must have stunk pretty bad ~but they still stayed and watched.

Liberty and "Pop-Pop" with the final product. Liberty LOVES watching cooking shows, so this was no big deal for her. She can't wait to eat it!

Our Christmas dinner. HHMMMMM. I'll let ya know how it turns out.