Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Las Vegas!!!

This past weekend we were given free passes to a Mother/Daughter conference in Vegas. It ended up that we got our hotel room for free too. We drove out with Patty Marine and her daughter, Jessica. Along with the conference, we enjoyed seeing the sites, and of course the shopping!!!

This is my counselor, Carrie Osborne. the reason she is wearing such a silly outfit is because she is a HUGE fan of the L.S.U. Tigers. Her husband bought her her whole outfit and she even has a tail!!!

Jessica and I with the Sonflowerz ~ they were our worship leaders for the weekend.

 On our last day there, we went out to eat at the Blueberry Hill for breakfast.

Jessica got the Chocolate Pancakes ~ She ended up wearing as much as she ate.

After breakfast we went to Las Vegas to shop ~ Us, being girls, we loved the hats.

Me and Jessica LOVED posing for this picture ~ we felt like models.

After finishing store #1, we went to store #2 ~ The M&M store.

Me and Jessica loved filling are candy bags to the top w/ M&Ms!!!!

While we were there, we saw a 3-D M&M movie.

Me and Jessica in front of a window in the top floor in the M&M store!!!

After finishing store #2 we went to store #3, The Coca~Cola store. Posing w/ this polar bear was tons of fun.... and yes he is trying to take my hat!!!


Mr. Polar Bear, Me, and Jessica.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raising Money

Our co-op is trying to earn money to go on fieldtrips this year. In November, we're headed to Indian Camp and while it will be FUN, it will also be expensive. On Saturday we had a booth at the Temecula Swap Meet. We all pitched in and made things to sell.  It was fun to see Hannah and Tiffany "work" the crowd. They are REALLY good sales people...just like their daddy.

      Hannah, Tiffany and Mrs. Whitaker.

                                                      Tiffany and Danae.

                                                     Pitching a deal.

                                           Danae and Liberty watching the money

Making Us Smile and Not Even Knowing

Funny how kids act out what they see. One of the girls VERY dear friends got very sick this week and was air lifted to the ICU in San Diego. She couldn't breath and she had an elevated heart rate and a high fever. She's fine now, but we were all scared and worried about her. Chad looked out the front window today and found the girls acting out poor Audra's condition. It was nice to smile~ even when our hearts were so heavy for our precious friend.

Should I Be Concerned????

One day I came home and Liberty had a swim diaper on her head. She was acting like a Ninja and the kids were cracking up. The next day they ALL started doing this. Chad took these pictures. Again, I ask you, should I be concerned???

Indian Reports

This year we're studying California History. At co-op the kids wrote a paper on a California Indian Tribe and did an oral report. I love co-op for many reasons but one being that they can do oral reports and "perform" things in front of an audience. I've always felt strongly about being able to speak well and present yourself well in front of others. This gave them a great chance to practice and they had a ball too!

Cookin' at School

Jill Howie helped the kids make fried plantains for spanish class. They tasted SOOOOO yummy!

Mom Time!!!

Last month my friends took me to Leonesse and a movie for my birthday. It was SOOOOO much fun that we decided to make it a monthly tradition.

                                                     Our amazing view.

Taking Care of Friends

Christopher Roman had his surgery and it's been really hard on Eddie and Carri. Poor Christopher wakes up every few hours (so his parents do too), and he's having a tough time eating. We went to get the boys from Carri so she could have a break and sleep when Christopher sleeps. The boys ended up spending the night which the kids we're thrilled about. Here they are eating breakfast before church. They always have so much fun together.

More Art

We met the Parson Family at Leonesse. The adults had fun relaxing while the children drew the grapevines and then ran through the vineyard. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

       Nathaniel and Liberty love to play together.

Budding Artists

We try to go out every week and work on our art skills. This week we went to Harveston Lake. Harveston is beautiful and has so many different forms of nature to draw. It was a fun evening...

                  Liberty draws too. Just not in this picture.

              Chad tries to read The Word as the sun is setting.

Liberty vs. the Pen

                        Liberty got creative...Need I say more...

Sleepy Time

Time for Tea

A few of us have a Literature Club. We meet once a month and discuss a book that the girls have chosen. It is also a time to dress up and work on manners as we have lunch and tea time. The girls have a blast and the mom's enjoy a time to get caught up and have tea.

     Tiffany in her new dress that Hannah bought for her. So sweet.

                                             All the little ladies.

                                       Adorable, Elly. Could she be ANY cuter??

                                Norgeen giving directions and discussing manners.

                           All the mammas and girls. Can I just say that I LOVE having daughters!

Liberty is usually at tea time but we had tea right around the corner from our friends, the Limons, so she opted to go to their house. She LOVES her "Aunt" Kellie and "sister" Hannah.