Friday, May 23, 2008

Expected Travel Date

Well, we finally heard today, on Tiffany's 8th. birthday, that we can expect to travel to China, Chongqing, to meet and receive our new daughter, Liberty Shan Wood on June 5. So the the frantic last minute travel plans begin. We'll need to expedite our visa's and hope there's no delays with the Chinese Consulate to make it happen. Please be praying as we prepare for the journey over the next several days. We won't be sleeping much this weekend! (especially with 15 little girls running around the house celebrating with Tiff and enjoying a slumber party) . . . these are the days !


The Limon's said...

Wow, your itinerary is amazing...I am tired just looking at it...but it will be worth it all!

The Howies said...

So happy for your family and especially little Liberty, the new addition. We're so excited to see what God has in store for all of you, I get chills just thinking about it......Love to you all and God go with you!

Love, Jill,Jeff,Jake & Payton

mullinfamily said...

We can not wait to meet Liberty. She is so Blessed to belong to such an awesome family! We are praying for your safe journey and for Liberty's heart to be filled with JOY the minute she meets you all.

Pop Pop & Grammy Sue said...

Chad, Kristy, Hannah & Tiffany

We are so proud of you! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 10th grandchild. We love her already! God has blessed our family with love, good health, prosperity and most of all faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who guides us through our daily lives. We love you and pray for your safety and health through this journey. God Bless you. Pop Pop and Grammy Sue

The Whiddons said...

Hi friends- We are so amazed at what you are doing. You are an inspiration! We can't wait to meet Liberty.
God Bless: Steve, Kimberlee,Slade and Hailee

P.S. Steve will be fasting and praying for you daily- especially you Chad! Ha Ha