Friday, June 6, 2008

Here in Beijing

Well we made it…, we’re staying at the downtown Holiday Inn in Beijing. The plane trip was super easy (Much easier than expected), and we’re already adjusting to China time. This entire city is decked out for the Olympics, and it’s super clean for its size and density. We got to relax and play in the pool here at the hotel, and walked around the city for awhile. We just finished dinner (Hannah and Tiff barely as they were falling asleep at the table) Chad tried EVERYTHING at the buffet (And loved everything too!!). I had a yummy salad and fell in love with sea kelp! Hannah and Tiff haven’t deviated much from their western diet (pizza, watermelon, and deserts). They’ll have to experiment with food tomorrow as we’re headed to the Great Wall, (2 hr. bus ride) and Tianemen Square with other adopting families. We’ll be eating out all day.

We have found people here to be super sweet! Everyone stares at the girls (Because of their blond hair), and smiles at them. Tiffy is basking it up but Hannah hides behind me if people stare too long. :0) She never did like a lot of attention! So far it just feels like we’re on vacation. I’m sure the reality of the adoption will sink in tomorrow as we spend more time with other adopting families. We’re trying to just focus on having a special time as these next 2 days will be the last with just Hannah and Tiffany. I just wish Jesse was here to share this experience with us…We’re here (Beijing)with about 30 other families, with 15 additional kids, which is fun as we share this experience together. Our group heading to Chongqing on Monday will only include us and 2 additional families. We’ll meet the larger group again in Guangzhou at the US Consulate.


Dodson Family said...

I am so glad you guys are doing this!!!! Prayin for you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're there! We are so excited for you. Such a small world in so many ways. Christopher is taking the same flight- leaves at 1:40 am from LAX and arrives at 5:20 am in Bejing. I was happy to hear it was an easier than expected flight! We are praying for all of you. Blessings, Robyn and fam

Don and Tami said...
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Roman Studio said...

Yeeeeeeeeha! I thought I might respond in a bit of a western tone. The pictures are great and we are soooooo glad that the plane ride was easier than expected. You just keep thinking everything is going to be super hard and it won't be that bad :)!

Hannah and Tiff, Hi guys. I praying for you. Hope you get backs safely. Jesse

The Romans

Don and Tami said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy every minute of your trip- it goes by so fast. Love, Tami (for all of us)

Pop Pop & Grammy Sue said...

Dear Family,

We are so thankful that you arrived safely and the trip was so easy. The pictures are great, we feel we are right there with you. Can't wait to see more. Enjoy your day!
Love, Pop Pop and Grammy Sue

mullinfamily said...

Hi Hannah and Tiff,

I hope you have a good time in China. We miss you and liked your pictures. I hope Liberty has a fun time with you and that she is healthy and happy :o)

Love and Care,
Rachel & Sarah Mullin

Mandy said...

Praise God you arrived safely and the flight was easy.... Sounds like God's annointing is all over this.... Enjoy every moment for this is an incredible opportunity. I am enjoying the pictures...


The Limon's said...

Oh we are so glad to see you there finally and having fun. Wow...looks like the hotel is great. Can't wait for the next pictures to come in. Have a fun time. Love you...Limon's

penn family said...

Praise God it's all comming together. Kristy I hope you are sleeping better. We love your blog we feel a part of your journey. Tell the girls Madilynn and Christopher say hi and can't wait to meet their new little sister. We will continue to pray for you. Love the Penn Family

Teresa said...

HELLO! You all look fabulous! Jet lag ... no problem for the Woods. We are praying and can't wait to see more pictures and your precious new daughter! ENJOY!!!!
Much love,
The Parsons

reb said...

Ho Yeh!(Alright, Great!)
You arrived safetly!
We saw the picture of all the food bowls Zach made the comment if you guys tried all that.
We are praying for your journey there in China and for you meeting with Liberty.
Brandon says he can't wait to play with Liberty.
Rene misses you all!
Wah ahi nee!

The Kums