Friday, June 6, 2008

Walking through Beijing


Roman Studio said...

Fun,fun,fun. Have the girls ever been on a subway before? How exciting. What a wonderful adventure. I hope you are enjoying the culture and each other. Remember my friend the sweet advice of your friend to enjoy it all and take it all in.

Big hugs,


Mandy said...

Great pictures.... I am praying for you to have a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your adventure.


The Limon's said...

It looks like you had NO adjustment issues there. You all look so happy...although I have not seen a picture of Kristy yet. Have fun...we can't wait til you meet Liberty. Love you...Limon's p.s. Hannah misses your girls, she can't wait to see Liberty.

The Limon's said...

Can you believe how close you are to Liberty...just miles away now and in a couple days you will be holding your baby!

Miller Family said...

AHHH! This is so great. I feel as if we are sharing this moment with you and such a BIG moment in y'all's lives too. So glad all is well and that you are safe. I am keeping my tissue box close by for when you get Liberty. I am already choking up!

Ruth said...

Hi Chad, Kristy, Hannah, and Tiffy!

This is sooooo cool! I'm so happy for you! How exciting, and what a blessing to be able to this wonderful trip as a family to bring Liberty to her new home. Wishing you all the best!

Traudl gave me your blog link today. Can't wait to meet Liberty.


April said...

Chad, Kristy and girls:

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We are truly blessed to come along side with you and stand in the gap for you as we cover you in prayer. We are sooo excited to see the blessings that our Father continues to rain down upon you. I know the Word says to be anxious for nothing. . ., but I am anxious to meet Liberty! We love you.

The Roberts family